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Quadplex Webslings

Quadplex slings are usually made from polyester and are designed to lift VERY HEAVY LOADS.

Made up of 4 layers of high tenacity polyester webbing sewn together which give a very strong but flexible sling.

  • Low weight to strength ratio compared to chain or wire slings
  • All slings are manufactured in accordance with EN 1492-1
  • Supplied with certificate of conformity
  • Have a wide bearing surface, which helps protect the load you are lifting
  • Unaffected by oils or grease
  • Have a Safety Factor of 7:1
  • Absorbs energy of sudden loading
  • Easily examined
  • ‚ÄúSide by side option available to give a wider bearing surface
  • All slings are made to a standard configuration & verification is given on compatible hardware
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